Meet The Animals


Our wonderful donkeys live together in herds with 24 hour access to shelter. They are regularly seen by the dentist, farrier and even have physiotherapy to keep them feeling well! We have a wide range of wonderful donkeys who we can bring along to your event. Some of the possibilities are:

Whizz - our rescue lurcher and trip mascot

We have three beautiful miniature shetlands, who love fuss and attention. They are possibly the most pampered shetlands you could meet and all have extensive wardrobes to help keep out the winter chill! They are the best of friends and love to play in their field together. Meet Evie, Flora and Buddy!


We popped into a local auction in the summer of 2016 and were promptly approached by a lady who was upset. She informed them that thirteen friendly sheep had been sent to the auction from a petting farm and that they'd been sold for slaughter. We understand that sheep are bred to be eaten but we feel strongly that if animals have been used in a petting farm, where they've brought a lot of happiness to people and made a business money, they deserve to live out their days happily. Thirteen sheep duly came home! Here are some you may meet:


Galaxy was quite shy when we first got her home from the auction but she has gained in confidence and become very affectionate. She likes having her head scratched, and really enjoys her food. She follows her buddy Milkshake around everywhere. A very friendly girl with beautiful facial markings.


Milkshake has bags of character and always runs to the gate baaaing when its feed time. She loves having her head and neck scratched. Always first to come to the gate when food is involved. She has a black mark over her eye, like she’s wearing a mask.


Fudge is an enormous character who loves life. He skips across the field when he’s called and chases the dogs that go into the field. He’s about two feet tall but thinks he’s at least six!


One of the first sheep we saw and fell in love with, Molly is a very shaggy girl with curls to die for! She loves having a scratch on her back and wiggles her nose to show her approval.


Adam and Eve are our lovely bunnies. They live together in a hutch in the house when it's cold and are then free to roam the garden when the weather is fine. We love to keep our animals as free range as possible. These two came from a home where they were kept locked in a hutch day and night. The hutch was in a garage with little natural light and no room to roam. It took Adam and Eve a while to adjust to their freedom but now they’re very happy bunnies!


The guinea pigs are as cosseted as our rabbits. They too live inside when it gets cold and are also given time to roam around the garden. Children love to hold and stroke them and they are well-used to this as they live with a family when they're not out and about at events.


Our lovely chickens were rescued through the British Hen Welfare Trust. They were battery hens, kept locked in cages with no freedom at all and on their way to slaughter when we took them on. When we first got them, they had very few feathers and didn't know how to scratch in the dirt like normal hens. They soon adapted and now have the range of 10 acres. They jump in our cars, eat the donkeys' food, trip us up and are a general nuisance but we love them very much and it's wonderful to see them enjoying their new lives.